The Hub


Life’s Gonna Suck When You Grow Up.

Adam meant for The Hub to be a quick stop on the epic road to college, little did he know that years later he would still be pushing boxes with his former high school buddies. Perfectly content with hiding behind his misperceived “slacker” status, suddenly everyone in his life wants to change that. His girlfriend and her daughter want a commitment, his Texas surfer roommate wants to one up him, his landlord wants him to manage the whole complex, his friends want him to relax and his parents want him to be responsible.


CAST: (Short Film)
Paul McKinney – Adam
Derrex Brady – Seth
Brandon Gibson – Marty
Raymond O’Connor – Mr. Jones (the Boss)
Jeanette O’Connor – Dana
Randy Crowder – William
Sasha Snow – Stella
Robert C. Pullman – Tall Roy
Julian Moses – Gigi
Andrew Pinon – Hub Dude

CREW: (Short Film)
Dawn HIgginbotham – Creator / Director / Executive Producer
Sharen Davis – Executive Producer / Costume Designer / Set Designer
Claire Risoli – Executive Producer
Mayon Denton – Co-Producer
A* Light Pictures – Associate Producer
Marina Viscun – 1st A.D. / UPM
Constantin Preda – Director of Photography
Joseph Reynolds – D.I.T. / A.C. / Gaffer
Robert Pullman – Chief Lighting Technician
Andrew Pinon – 2nd A.D.
Cosme Damian Saavedra – Production Designer / Set Dresser
Rebecca De Herrera – Makeup
Rod Ortega – Hair Stylist
Grace Swoope – Production Assistant
Bennett Secrest – Production Assistant

Special Thanks:
Taryn Hipwell
RJay Rendon and Behind the Scenes Freight